5 Firearms to Survive Pt. 4

5 Firearms you need to survive a major event


  • Key Points: You need a .22LR! There, I said it! You need a .22LR because by-God it’s America’s favorite caliber, it can be wielded by children, the elderly, and anyone in between, and the rounds are dirt cheap and everywhere! A .22LR is a must-have for anyone in their kit in my opinion, because it allows you to practice your shooting fundamentals with repetition and high round count without breaking the bank. Not only that, but in a post-event world where everything is scarce, who wants to spend a round that could defend you from a threat trying to get a squirrel or rabbit for dinner? All of that combined with the fact that a supersonic .22LR is still CRAZY quiet and a sub-sonic is almost imperceptible as a shot (especially when either one is suppressed) means YOU NEED A .22LR!
  • Budget: The budget friendly version of a .22LR can be achieved in a number of ways, such as the Savage 64F or Rossi RS22, both readily available for under $150 brand new. If you really want to get spicy you can grab a Chinesium red-dot off of Amazon for $30 and you’re in business. The recoil off of a .22 is so low it won’t break even the cheapest of red dot sights, each of those options comes with a 10 round magazine and iron sights, which will also work just fine. As you practice you reach a point where 200, even 250 yards on a target the size of small game is easy enough, and you won’t go hungry as long as you can find something to shoot at.
  • Mid-Tier: Wanna step it up a bit? I’m going to default to what is, in my opinion, the best .22LR ever created. The Ruger 10/22 is an incredibly reliable, surgically accurate, semi-auto platform that has barely been changed since it was created because it simply didn’t need to be. Thousands of shooters across the United States and Canada will cite the 10/22 as the first trigger they ever pulled and for good reason. There’s a dozen different models from basic carbines and sporters to tacticals and takedowns (they can be broken down to fit into a backpack) and even a charger model that is designed as a pistol with a stabilizing brace. You get a hold of one of these, grab 3 or 4 of their 10 round mags, a basic red dot from a reliable company (Vortex, Primary Arms, etc.) and you’re in business! The even better news? There’s a 10/22 in almost every firearm collection in the country, with over 7 Million having sold in the last 50 years, so replacement parts and customizations are EVERYWHERE! Bougie: Listen, they do exist. Companies like Volquartsen make precision .22LRs that are capable of longer shots and have simply amazing performance. If I’m being honest, I REALLY want one, but the fact is I don’t see where they have value over a standard .22LR in a post-event world, because those high-precision weapons are going to have tolerances that don’t necessarily make them easy to repair if they go down. Their range isn't longer enough to outweigh the risk, they aren’t “more effective” and the accuracy of a .22LR can be affected by a slight wind. In our current world, high on the want list, in a post-event world, no real benefit in my mind.